NECA says Tinubu should act urgently to avert NLC’s strike

The Nigeria Employers’ Consultative Association (NECA) has called for urgent intervention by President Bola Tinubu’s government to stop the Nigeria Labour Union from going on strike.

NLC said it would declare a nationwide strike on August 2 if the Tinubu government did not meet its demands.

NECA’s director-general Adewale-Smatt Oyerinde made the call in an interview on Wednesday in Lagos.

According to him, the planned action by organised labour is not in the nation’s interest, especially now that the economy and businesses are struggling.

“It is true that the removal of fuel subsidy has heaped intolerable levels of hardship on Nigerian workers and households, with businesses also feeling the heat. We have witnessed an astronomical increase in the cost of living, with no relief in sight; rising inflation has further exacerbated our woes,” said Mr Oyerinde.

He added, “We, indeed, express our empathy to all Nigerians who have been affected by the current policy thrusts of the government, which are yet to yield the expected results.”

The NECA boss urged the federal government to be more transparent, communicate more and intensify talks with labour to build consensus.

He also said that there was a need for definitive conclusions to be reached and clear roadmaps communicated to stakeholders.

“In line with the International Labour Organisation Convention 131 on Minimum Wage Fixing, the tripartite discussions on national minimum wage negotiation should commence immediately,” the NECA boss explained.

“NECA will continue to champion social dialogue as the principal means of resolving industrial disputes,” added Mr Oyerinde, urging stakeholders, including the government, to demonstrate responsibility and good faith in engagements with stakeholders, “given our fragile economic circumstances.”


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