Is Officer Jayme Gohde Arrested? Case Details And Biography

Individuals need to be aware of is Jayme Gohde captured. The official working captured a 61 years of age person for conveying a firearm, yet later, it was affirmed that it was a foldable strolling stick in his pocket.

A Columbia District Sheriff’s Representative, Jayme Gohde, was engaged with a lamentable episode that brought about her and her boss being suspended.


Jayme and Sergeant Randy Harrison erroneously accepted James Hodges was conveying a weapon when they saw the foldable strolling stick in his pocket.

During the experience, a warmed trade of words prompted Hodges’ capture for opposing an official without savagery. In the wake of auditing the circumstance, Sheriff Mark Tracker of Columbia Region presumed that the power utilized during the capture was pointless.

Subsequently, Jayme and her boss were focused and briefly suspended.

The episode underscores the significance of responsibility and straightforwardness in policing. Organizations expect to keep up with public trust and gain from occurrences like these to improve their practices.

Official Jayme Gohde was suspended from her work on November 2022 following the capture of James Hodges, a lawfully visually impaired man from Lake City.

The episode unfurled when a delegate saw a silver article in Hodges’ pocket, erroneously expecting it to be a weapon. In any case, it ended up being a collapsed strolling stick having a place with Hodges.

The capture and ensuing occasions ignited boundless consideration after Hodges mentioned and acquired the capture film, which immediately coursed via virtual entertainment.

Upon examination, Sheriff Mark Tracker affirmed that the activities of Representatives Jayme and Randy Harrison had abused the sheriff’s office strategies.

Thus, Harrison confronted a seven-day suspension without pay and would be ineligible for any “ideal activity” for the following two years. Gohde, then again, got a two-day suspension without pay.

Notwithstanding the suspensions, the two appointees were expected to go through medicinal preparation zeroed in on social equality issues. Sheriff Tracker featured the meaning of safeguarding individual freedoms and forestalling comparative occurrences later on.

On October 31st, 2022, AM, Representative Jayme halted James Hodges in Lake City, a town west of Jacksonville. James had entered a crosswalk when the traffic-light gadget had flagged not to do as such.

As indicated by the capture report, the morning was hazy and cloudy, and drivers were utilizing headlights. At the point when Gohde halted Hodges, she saw he was conveying a “silver (chrome) gun with a white hold in his back right pocket,” which she promptly answered to the specialists.

After addressing by delegates, Hodges guaranteed that he was legitimately visually impaired and taken out his collapsed stick to show them. Regardless of this, the circumstance immediately heightened as the agent addressed Hodges and requested his distinguishing proof.

At the point when Hodges would not give it, another appointee put him in binds, prompting his possible capture for opposing an official. The Columbia Province Sheriff’s Office gave N.B.C. News with body camera film of the occurrence.

After Hodges was captured, it was resolved that the carry out in his pocket was a navigational guide. Sadly, Hodges had proactively been accused of opposing an official notwithstanding any endeavors to forestall it.

Following the suspension of officials Jayme Gohde and Randy Harrison, the Columbia District Sheriff’s Office shared a video. In the video, Sheriff Mark Tracker transparently conceded that the appointees had penetrated division arrangements.

In a Facebook video, Sheriff Tracker took care of the occasion and truly apologized to Mr. Hodges for his representatives’ activities. He expressed that he didn’t really accept that the agents had sick aims however carried on of dissatisfaction and neglected to depend on their preparation.

Regardless of this clarification, Sheriff Tracker underlined that such way of behaving is unsatisfactory, and the division is focused on keeping comparative episodes from happening later on through thorough preparation and difficult work.

In addition, Sheriff Tracker affirmed that the two delegates would go through preparing following their suspensions, as they had disregarded office arrangements. Remarkably, the charges against Mr. Hodges were dropped.

Because of the episode, Mr. Hodges has stopped a conventional grievance and communicated his aim to document a claim against the sheriff’s office.

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