Amid National Hardship, Akpabio Cracks ‘Let The Poor Breathe’ Joke at Senate (Video)

During a plenary session at the red chamber on Wednesday, July 26, Senate President Godswill Akpabio cracked the “Let the poor breathe joke”.

In a video shared by Daily Trust, Akpabio was seeking the vote of senators to support and adopt a motion when he made the comment.

In the clip, the former Akwa Ibom governor was heard saying:

“The prayer is that let the poor breathe, and then Senator Mustapha has seconded that the poor should breathe.

”Those who are in support of the additional prayer that the poor should breathe say Aye and those who are against say nay…the ayes have it.

“The poor must be allowed to breathe”.

Upon saying this, Akpabio and some other members of the Senate were seen and heard giggling.

“Let the Poor Breathe”, a song produced by Aluta Studio, is supposed to be a cry to the leadership on behalf of people experiencing poverty in Nigeria.

The term was made famous by President Bola Tinubu when he made the statement during a visit to his predecessor, Muhammadu Buhari.

Watch the video below:

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