She Said No, But Made Herself Available -Football Icon, Cristiano Ronaldo Admits

More facts are emerging in the rape allegation made by former American model Kathryn Mayorga against Portuguese international and Juve forward Cristiano Ronaldo.

A leaked legal document says Ronaldo has admitted that his accuser actually objected to the act severally before they had sex in Las Vegas Hotel
The papers, possessed by German magazine Der Spiegel, contain a questionnaire in which the Juventus star, 33, confessed that American Kathryn Mayorga, 35, ‘said no and stop several times’ when the pair had s** in the Hotel Palms Place in June 2009.
In what could pass for a nostalgic recall, the former Real Madrid goal machine admitted that ‘it was rough’, ‘she didn’t want to give it to him’ and that he apologised after he’d finished. 
In the document – created in September 2009 – Ronaldo is identified as X and Ms Mayorga as Ms C.
The lawyer asked the footballer: ‘What was said by you and what was said by Ms. C? (This is particularly important if anything was said about having s** or anything like that)’
Ronaldo is said to have replied: ‘She said it was not proper to have s**, since they just met (‘Better not. It’s the first time.’) But even so, she grabbed my d***.’
The footballer was then asked to describe in detail what happened, ‘starting with the first physical contact’.
Ronaldo, who’s worth £350million, reportedly explained: ‘I f***** her from the side. She made herself available. She was lying on her side, in bed, and I entered her from behind. It was rough. We didn’t change position. Five/seven minutes.
‘She said that she didn’t want to, but she made herself available. The whole time it was rough, I turned her onto her side, and it was fast. Maybe she got some bruises when I grabbed her.
‘She didn’t want to give it to me, instead she jerked me off. I don’t know any more exactly what she said when she was jerking me off. But she kept saying “No. Don’t do it, I’m not like the others.” I apologized afterwards.’
The player’s lawyer asked if Ms Mayorga ever raise her voice, screamed, or yelled while they had s**.

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