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If you are in Nigeria as a student, part-time worker or unemployed you definitely need money to pay some bills that may be benefiting to you. If you are still reading this post to this point, then you definitely need some financial freedom and that’s why you are here.
Since MMM Nigeria program came and scammed average Nigerians of their hard earned monies, the country has not really gotten a sustainable income program that allows youths, students, adults and even civil servants to make a passive income online. The Nigeria News Update (NNU) been the first and an indigenous program to let people make passive income sitting at home or in their offices and seeing the cash flowing in.

What is NNU Income Program?

NNU is a registered company in Nigeria with a full name as Nigeria News Update. The program was programmed to help students, Fresh Graduates, Job Seekers, Bloggers, Housewives or anyone who wish to earn money online with ease without having to write their own script, articles, spend much money etc.
If you are hearing about NNU for the first time, you might have come across some phrases like this;
  1. registration
  2. nnu income login
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  4. review
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  8. is nnu real?
  9. N.I.P etc

Since the history of NNU, it has paid out millions of Naira to their participants including myself. NNU is the only program that let you make money online just by reading news, commenting and sharing news updates. This is something everyone is doing daily even without being paid to do so, but with the NNU income program, you stand a chance to getting paid for every activity you are carrying out within the site. So why not give it a trial? Huh?

How to make money with NNU Income Program (NIP)

Making money with the NIP is as simple as logging in to Facebook daily and chatting with friends and families. But with NNU, while you are logging in, commenting, sharing sponsored posts and referring your friends and families, you are earning from the program. As simple as that right? Right, that’s how it is.
So in full summary of this section, the only ways you make money with NNU includes:
  • Daily Login earnings (You get paid daily just for logging in to your account) It’s a lie joor… Lol, it is a true…
  • Sharing of sponsored posts (Everyday, NNU release one sponsored post, you can share this post on your Facebook timeline then after approval, you get paid for the activity) This must be a joke, Matty, Lol, I said it is true oga… What’s wrong with you sef.. Lol.

  • Commenting on Posts (For every post you leave two or three lines of comment post, you get paid per comment daily) Hmmm let me just say am dreaming and wake up later, this Awogor must be dreaming… My brother don’t let village people deceive you to be dreaming, it is a true am telling you.
  • Referring Others to Earn (Yes, the referral program works more perfect than anything else. When you tell someone the good news about the program and they accept to register just like am doing here, you earn massive commission from their registration fee just like am going to earn when you register with my referral link)
  • Submitting Post and Getting Paid (If you are a good writer and wish to write for NNU program, it’s an added advantage since they offer the opportunity to write for them and getting paid at the same time)

Requirements to Register in NNU Income Program 2018

Not to scare you, dear, you really don’t need a voters card, national identification number, international passport or military ID card before you can register. The whole process is tie to your ability to raise just a one-time upgrading fee of N1,600 and the rest are not a compulsion.
  1. A functional email Address (this will be used to signup so you can receive notification, announcement or any special promotion wherefore they are been sent. If you do not have an email address, simply go to or and create one which takes just 5 minutes.
  2. A functional Phone number (This is also a compulsion but may not be used to communicate with you neither will you receive unnecessary messages) Tips: you can borrow your mother, father, brother or friends number to register but just make sure you remember that.
  3. An internet connected device that can browse the internet (If you do not have a phone, laptop or any that can browse, you can just rush to the cyber cafe and buy a one-hour internet access which doesn’t cost more than N150 in some local cyber cafes it will serve you well.

to register just click HERE 

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