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List: 10 Highest Paid Athletes Of 2017-Forbes

According to Forbes, Ronaldo, Messi, Federer top the 2017 highest paid athletes.
1-Ronaldo still the highest paid athlete in the world, raking the huge sum of $93m in 2017
2-Cleveland Cavaliers star, Lebron James earned $86.2m in 2017
3-Lionel Messi drops to third on the list behind Lebron James with $80 million in 2017
4-Roger Federer $64 million, 2017
5-Kevin Durant $60.6 million, 2017
Aside the Basketball star James Lebron and Barca star Messi who swap side to 2nd and 3rd respectively for 2016 and 2017, the top five is the same as last year.
6-Andrew Luck $50m, 2017
7-Rory Mcllory $50m, 2017
8-Stephen Curry $47.3m, 2017
9-James Harden $46.6m, 2017
Lewis Hamilton $46m, 2017

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