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Who remembers this legendary headbutt? WATCH

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I will not forget in a hurry how the present Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane head-butted Italian defender Marco Materazzi on the field of play during final match between France and Italy in the Berlin 2006 FIFA world cup competition which earned him an instant red card.

On that day, The Algerian-born France nationale, Zidane was actually displaying wonderful skills on pitch which is becoming threatening against the Italians. Initially, no one understood what actually instigated Zidane to act in such an unaccepted and dishonorable way but it was later revealed that Materazzi used some harsh words on the highly award decorated player of his time.
Materrazi who is also currently a coach denied using stupid words or had in any way insulted mother of the French player as reported by the media.
Italians later lifting the trophy made some people assume that what actually transpired was intentional. Get the key player or players who serves as threat out by any means, "crook or acceptable", a Machiavellian strategy, conscientiously plotted by Italians so they can carry the day which eventually, they succeeded, though by winning 5-3 on penalty shoot-out against the French team.

Check video out below:

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