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Video: Drama in church as bride refuses to kiss groom

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Image credit: gistmania

Somethings certainly makes one to imagine what might prompt strange actions and incidence. what happened? Is it the bride and groom never shared any intimate moment together before their wedding day?
This video surfaced online. It shows a young bride who angrily pushes groom away when he tried to kiss her after the pastor declared: "you may kiss the bride".
As seen on the footage, She repeatedly resisted groom's attempts to kiss her, and then the pastor asked if the marriage should be broken, and immediately, groom burst into tears.
According to social media comments, the lady was forced to marry the man by her uncle (which represents as brides father on footage) and the said man paid her school fees which implies couple had known each other for quite sometime. so why this sudden disagreement on an important day like this, I ask.

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