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They are indirectly trying to implement another 20 Pounds policy of after the war

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Do you know that every policies of this administration is towards making an Igbo man poor?

I am not here to mop up sentiment but if you have heard about the Nigerian government plans to freeze accounts without BVN you will understand what I am saying, the people that are pushing for this policy have 98% of their people living in Nigeria which this policy is not going affect in anyway but they want you to believe that it is in the interest of the generality of Nigerians, I know exactly what I am talking about here, I know that some of most of you did not think about it this way but I am here to bring the truth behind this policy into your sub consciousness, Igbo law makers, leader of thought, activists and people of good will please do not keep silence about this because it will definitely affect your village or town persons if not directly your brothers, trillions of Naira of Igbo son's and daughters who are serving jail since 2015 and those who are unable to visit home since 2015 due to documents problems are all trapped in the Nigerian banks and they knew this, they have used their people that are working in different bank across the country to gather all this Data hence they wants to implement this policy to financially suffocate the Igbos, this is another financial genocidal war against the Igbos in disguise, don't let anybody talk you into shame by asking why are such numbers of the Igbos in the prisons or unable to meet up with the BVN deadline, the reasons are simple, the Igbos constitute the highest numbers of Nigerians abroad and you should not except an equal percentage of the Igbos in the prisons or those with documents issues with other tribes, right now as I am talking to you many are struggling to visit home before the deadline while many others cannot, my people challenge this policy in any way you can.

Please let the campaign start now because this is another policy to impoverish the Igbos again after they have failed with their 20 Pounds policy of after the war, make a hash tag viral post of this, please do not be deceived that it is for the interest of all, it is a financial and economic war against the Igbos and the South, this will affect families towns, communities and our development, do not be deceived that those whose their monies are frozen can come back anytime to challenge the Government because that is not going to be possible as the conditions and demands before you will get such monies back will be nearly impossible to meet, many who cannot wait longer at home for the conclusion of the process will leave their monies out of frustration, this is a country where pensioners and workers are not paid till they die and even their families will be either not paid at all or duped out if the sweat of their loved ones when they are paid.

My comrades and all people of good will from the Southern Nigeria please lets fight this fight again, I am not saying this because mine is trapped but because I know many do.

                                                                          By Dino Cee

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