How much convincing Selena needed to get back with Justin Beiber

It took a lot of convincing on Justin Bieber's part for Selena Gomez to agree to get back with him. According to reports, Justin didn't know how much she still meant to him until he realized she could die during her illness.

Sources connected to both Justin and Selena tell TMZ, Selena's life-threatening medical emergency which ended with a kidney transplant made Justin realise what's important. So he began pursuing Selena for months, while she was still with The Weeknd. He did everything to convince her that getting back together with him would be a good thing. 

At the time, Selena's relationship with The Weeknd was already fizzling. Selena's family were against the reunion. They called him "vile" and said he was the reason Selena suffered a severe bout of depression that landed her in rehab. Selena also had her doubts but Justin persuaded and eventually won her over.


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