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Does women needs sex?

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By Oyebade Obalola Jerry

It is amazing to hear some women being particular
about the size of the manhood of their supposed
spouse, and whether they are good in bed or not. This
curiosity has led most into premarital sex whilst some
think the success of a marriage depends on a great
sex. But truth be told, women don't need sex. She likes
sex, she enjoys it but it is never her need. What a
woman needs is affection.
Men on the other hand are the ones who need sex; so
let the size of the manhood, how good he is in bed be
his concern, not yours. Your concern as a woman is
how a man can show you affection. Lack of affection
in relationships and marriages makes some women
believe sex is what they need.
If sex is what a woman needs, why do most women
get angry when their husbands climax? Why are they
not ever ready for sex anytime, any day and any hour
their husbands need it?
Affection is what puts smiles on the woman's face, it is
what makes the woman function properly. Affection is
not sex. Women only open up for sex when they get
affection. A woman will enjoy sex with a man when
she is given the affection she needs.
Sex feels like rape or punishment to some women when
they are not shown affection. Due to a woman's swing
moods and monthly cycle, it isn't always that they
want sex. Most at times, all they want is affection. In
times like this all she needs is for you to hug her, kiss
her, hold and cuddle her.
Affection to a woman is when you kiss her in front of
your ex-girlfriends, when you decide to prepare
breakfast for her in bed, to let her know you appreciate
how much she tries to cook for you every day but for
today, you just want to pamper her and do that for
Affection is when you write her love letters to tell her
how much she means to you, how blessed you are to
have her in your life. Affection to her is when you take
her for a walk or for a ride, it is when you hold her
hand as you walk through the street.
Affection to her is when you buy her a card or a flower.
You don't wait till her birthday, valentine, Christmas or
a special occasion. You do that because you believe
she is special and needs to be celebrated anytime.
Affection is when you tell her every day you love her,
that she is the most beautiful woman in the world.
Affection is when you take her out for lunch just to
buy coke or ice cream for no reason. Affection is not
expensive but just thoughtfulness.
Affection is calling her in the middle of the day just to
tell her "I miss you" "I am thinking about you and can't
wait to see you". Affection is buying her a chocolate
on your way back home. Showing affection is not an
occasional thing, it's an everyday thing. It starts from
the morning when you wake up; looking in her eyes in
bed and telling her there are millions of women in the
world but none caught your attention, none comes
close to her .
Affection is dressing her in the morning, helping her
with combing of her hair, taking her to the bathroom,
bathing her without having sex with her. Affection is
massaging her without having sex with her. It just
takes thoughts to be affectionate. The problem is, most
men do this to their woman during dating but One or
as old stop when they get married. This is what a
woman needs and not sex.

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