These laws are not the usual myth laws you have heard of previously. check out below for some real laws being/been operated in some part of the world which any average person can term as absurd or crazy..

1. In United states 2013, the town of Nucla,
Colorado introduced a law that says
every household has to have a gun.
2. In New Zealand, there is a law that
every high school may hold one
pound of uranium and one pound of
thorium, for conducting nuclear
3. I bet you dont know it’s illegal in Queensland, Australia
to own a pet rabbit unless you can
prove that you’re a magician.
 4. Sympathizing with North Korea or
its leader Kim Jong-un is an illegal
act in South Korea. Even blogging can
land you in jail.
5. It is legal in France. You can marry a person
who’s already dead
6. 10. Nazi Germany introduced strict
animal rights laws in the 1930s. They
included a law against slaughtering
any animal without anesthetic.
Germany’s current animal rights laws
are diluted versions of the ones Nazis
7. 9. Due to problems with China’s
justice system, wealthy people can
hire someone else to be prosecuted
for their crimes. This process is called
“ ding zui ” which translates to
“substitute criminal.”
8. Since the US Department of
Transportation banned Samsung
Galaxy Note 7 phones from airplanes
in 2016, a passenger can be
criminally prosecuted if they take the
phone aboard with a penalty of up to
$179,933 and ten years in prison.
9. United state again! Do you know, In North Tonawanda, New York
recently passed an anti-bullying law
that says a parent can be sent to jail
for 15 days if their child is caught

(Culled; unbelievable-facts)

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