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Video: Male suspect leaving club with two women he raped and then fed to dogs

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CCTV footage had revealed convicted rapist leaving a karaoke club with two women who police say he later stabbed to death and dismembered. The culprit, Alexander Maslennikov, 31, raped the women and minced some of their remains before feeding them to dogs.

In the footage, he is smoking a cigarette and
carrying a bottle of wine as he leaves the club
at 6am in the Russian city of Volzhsky.
He is followed by sales assistants Daria
Labutina, 29, and Olga Shaposhnikova, 28, who
are known to have accompanied him to a flat
he rented after being released from prison over
rapes, sexual assault and robbery.
The women, who worked in a local shopping
centre, were unaware of his rape convictions,
but even so friends say it was "out of
character" for the pair - who both had
boyfriends - to go home with a stranger.
Despite this, the women shared drinks at his
flat but it is unclear if he stabbed them after
they refused to have sex with him or - as
earlier reported - he raped the women then
killed them.
One version is that they turned down his
demand for a threesome.
But it is known he then dismembered their
bodies in his bathroom.
One of the women was cut into around 20
pieces. The other woman had severed legs.

Maslennikov was later arrested near Moscow as
he was suspected of plotting an attack on another
woman (East2West News)

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