Omarion rocked as fans boycott his concert

American singer, Omarion didn't have a good outing in Namibia as he ended up performing to an almost empty space after Namibians decided to deal with him for refusing to show up at a press conference before the concert which got Namibian journalists and influencers pissed off. They launched a campaign to boycott his concert and the result was an empty venue.

Back in AmerAca:
Bro so how's Namibia? Did you have fun
Omarion: bossaπŸ‘never πŸ‘againπŸ‘
Zero attendance to Omarion show in NamΓ­bia. Namibians just want land. .anything else dololo
Apparently Omarion performed in Namibia last night and abt 90% of the crowd left after the Namibian stars had performed. Before Omarion came
So Omarion went to Namibia and Namibians failed to show up.

Omarion was like: This ain't how it's post to be πŸ˜₯
Instead of going to the show y’all stayed on the TL so mans like Omarion and the organizers could get embarrassed? Namibia is a weird place.

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