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By Obafemi Gbenga

Before five years of taking over those Igbo houses and businesses the Northerners will go broke and sell it to same Igbos when they come in with visas..... they give you any Igbo man's hotel, you will either close down within 2 years or still sell back to foreign Igbo men since none of Northern people can buy such houses. Igbos are created to start with nothing and become rich and landlords within years, they will all leave empty handed and come back to your cursed land, pay your house rent and shop rent and begin with little cash,within years your Igbo tenant becomes your landlord by buying the same yard from you and even buy your parents graves for packing space while you pack to one room in a ghetto of brown old roofs. Buhari is the problem of this Nation, Buhari has been a former head of state. Upon his election, instead of him to play a fatherly role and first unite all Nigerians behind him , he started alienating people and talking about 97/ 5 %. He is the most divisive leader in Nigeria since 1960. He should accept full responsibility for any sad eventuality. We are in a digital age of social media. Remember the Arab spring. It is easier to mobilise a million people today using social media. If truth be told, it seems the north will soon find out nobody wants to associate with them. I think their cup is now full and about to overflow. I don't think any sensible people will want to associate with a region that has nothing good or worthwhile to bring to the table except flooding every town and cities with arrogant amputees, beggars, lepers, vagrants, touts, vagabonds, jihadist murderers and grotesquely deformed humanoids. The entire north is populated by warped beings that look like humans but are not