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Buhari and APC have no integrity. Lol. Finally Buhari
and APC cannot deny this one. They were caught red
handed. Maina's case is a big scandal. This is beyond
embarrassment. This is a shame. APC has always
been doing exactly what they have been accusing PDP
for - corruption. It finally shows Nigerians that APC IS
MORE CORRUPT THAN PDP. After all, the same people
who were in PDP are now in APC.
If Maina's scandal is a grand conspiracy what about
others in the list below?This is Buhari's style of
governance. It doesn't surprise me any more. I also
didn't expect much drama from maina's case.
Just look at this record:
Which of these corruption cases has Buhari's APC
probed so far? At least we have seen these ones as
they unfold. Buhari was meant to be a clean man as he
portrayed himself but look what we have today......the
more Buhari's APC is exposed, the more they make
efforts to destroy the already destroyed image of PDP.
The problem is that, there are few PDP members in
government to balance up this corruption fight, and
this is why it is lopsided, but the few we have seen
already are horrible.

1. N700 APC billion bribery scandal
2. N640 billion nnpc loan/contract scandal
3. $25 billion nnpc contract scandal
4. N3.41/ N4.2 billion Aso rock clinic scandal
5. 919 million nhis training scheme scam scandal
6. N1.6 billion for reps. Cars of national interest.
7. N120 billion police allegations on corruption.
8. N500 million bribe from mtn to Abba Kyari
9. N182 million fraud/bribe by Dr. Saadu Alabama
10. $43 million of IkoyiGate
11. N273 million grass cutter contract.
12. N9 trillion nnpc scandal
13. Where is N22 billion that FG gives Fashola every
month to buy gas to produce electricity? Reps raise
alarm that Nigeria is still in darkness. Fashola, where
did you keep the monthly N22 billion gas money?
14. ETC
A pot cannot call a kettle black. These same saints
were once PDP thieves. Today they have been declared
saints because they support a corrupt administration
who are unwilling to probes them as long as they are
loyal to them.
Buhari and APC have no moral authority to accuse
anyone of corruption in this country because they are
pretty much as corrupt. This fake and lopsided
corruption war must stop. Buhari and APC cannot
deceive Nigerians anymore. In fact Dasuki has to be
released. APC is looting more than Dasuki already and
magu must go home.
Buhari's APC is the virus that is eating away the life of
Nigeria. Nigeria must be vaccinated against this virus.

Watch how they even ended the $ 25 billion nnpc
First, kachikwu had a
bureaucracy/protocol fight with Baru over $ 25 billion
nnpc contract
Second, Kachikwu does not have a role to play in
awarding contract.
Third, the contract was not $ 25 billion and was not
Fourth, there is no $25billion contract.
Fifth, Fire burns kachikwu's house.
Sixth, Senate under pressure to drop $25billion nnpc
Seventh, Senate panelists deny pressure from
Eight, what next is going to happen........?
This film is very interesting to watch in a theatre called
Who will probe Buhari, minister of protroleum, Nnpc,
presidency and APC?

Agm Greenman

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