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It would be almost impossible to believe that there was a time in this our Facebook that you would have to search all day to see an Igbo insulting a fellow Igbo or anyone else for that matter. Yes, I can authoritatively tell you that such was the norm them. I created the 1st place the entire Igbo population and beyond gathered in Facebook to get the latest news, Information, entertainment, and most importantly, the place was used to correct many wrong impressions of Igbo, teach us how to pronounce certain Igbo words or names that has been mispronounced for decades, teach us to be very very proud of our names, our identity and to love each other with all our heart. It was also the platform that was first used to espouse Biafra consciousness on Facebook Nigeria. Then as the drop of the word BIAFRA on the page, every heart must melt together into one. I used it generously bring Igbo together. That place is called Ndi Igbo page, created in 2009, the only place Igbos gathered in for years, this is the page where many of Nnamdi Kanu followers 1st heard of Nnamdi Kanu, I used that page and my walls to bring him to limelight on Facebook. So many things we see as normal today, that you take for granted today, emanated from the page. Whatever you want known in Nigeria will be know the instant it's posted in that page then. The page was consistently number 1 in Nigeria for years before Facebook pages went completely commercial and we moved our operation to Igboist [] group; were it's even got much easier to organize my people properly.
The manner of insults and terrorist verbal attacks you see today by some Igbos is a very recent development. It just started. It started with Radio Biafrans. I can tell you this, I never knew this side of Igbos existed. Never ever knew. After leading Igbos through Ndi Igbo page for years, where we showed love and kindness to each others, consistently, I was taken aback by the new breed of insult machines that is running around on Facebook unleashing verbal calamities on fellow Igbos and others.
Do you know salaries of Ndi Igbo page workers were paid by some members of Ndi Igbo page, any time I lacked funds to pay the workers, once I mention it to any regular member, the funds will be made available. Whatever program we wanna do is readily and happilly funded by the members. When Boko just started, we raised millions of Naira and brought many Igbo families home, and even gave them cash to help re-establish themselves. If any Igbo had a serious issue, I will throw it open and before you know it, love is pouring like heck and that matter is solved for that person. It was pure love, and nothing but love. The insults and verbal humiliations you see today from some Igbos is very very foreign to Facebook, and homely it will one day go away. Love must be used to disperse hate.
Let me add this fun information. I did not divulge I was the one behind Ndi Igbo page until around 2011. No one knew who owned it. But it did not matter, the love we showed each other was excess. It was like nwanneism at its peak. When I finally showed myself as the owner, Oh God, the members were proud and happy and actually intensified their efforts in making the place bubble, enriching and rewarding.
Nnamdi Kanu, the radio god. The orator extraordinaire. Ladies, let me tell you something, no matter how exposed you are on this earth, as a girl, if you don't fall mugu in love if Nnamdi toasts you, then you be winch, you are not human. Nnamdi first appeared on Facebook via Igboville group, luckily I was there that very day. He was very crude, but something about him drew me to him. I knew he was more than he was displaying, I flirted with him and we started talking lovie lovie, then when I found out his aim, I told him, leave this to me, I got this, get ready, in less than 48 hours, the whole of this country and beyond we know of you. I am an image maker by profession and birth, and so I went to work, and in less than 48 hours, he was known by all and sundry, after I put up a mouth watering powerful write-up on him. I did that consistently for a long time, paying to promote the articles, splashing him everywhere, and when Radio Biafra walls were born on Facebook I made sure every Igbo knew of it and joined their walls.
Nnamdi was proud of me, proud of me at pulling off what I was doing on Facebook, in bringing Igbos under one, there is hardly any suggestion I gave to Nnamdi that he did not run with. I suggested he go all Igbotic and bear Nnamdi Kanu and he granted me that request. An hour later; he changed all his FB names to Nnamdi Kanu. In turn he treated me with the utmost regard. He always called me AN INSTITUTION. He will say to me, Maria, you are an Institution, not a person, you are ahead of your time. When I met with him physically in Enugu in 2014 just before I decided to run for an office, I was mesmerized by this small creature with a commanding voice. In fact I knew we were getting married, what I was now planning in my head was how many kids we are gonna have hahahaha. Oh you guys don't know Nnamdi Kanu ehhh? LOL. NNAMDI KANU is one of the greatest orators I have ever come across in my life. This guy can tell you he will burn down your town in the next 10 minutes, and you will believe it with your entire being, meanwhile you are looking at him and you don't see any matches on him, and you know he can't get to your town in 10 minutes, but you believe him, because he oratory skill is out of this world. I fell madly in love with it, I was smitten. I cannot stop loving NNAMDI KANU. It is not possible. When I remember all the love talks he used one me and all the pet names he called me, I swear my heart melts, I forget myself. This dude is one of the greatest orators alive. No woman is safe with him.
There was only one thing I suggested to Nnamdi that he could not grant me I told him to tone down the insults and name calls on people on his radio show, because his followers are now running around internet insulting and debasing people and that most of their targets are fellow Igbos. Any Igbo with a contrary opinion to them is toast. They can say anything to the person, they can call that person any name that comes out of their mouth. They are even going further to threaten fellow Igbos. I told him that he is creating something that will be very very hard to control or tame in the future. To get these followers to speak to others with love or just simple civility will be in an impossible task in the near future if the situation is not nipped in the bud. Oh well here we are............
When I saw that the insults, name calls actually escalated I now withdrew to myself. I never attacked them. But I was not gonna allow them to use Igboist to perpetuate their verbal terrorism. Igboist is the largest online Igbo only gathering. It is very very attractive to them because it is the best in our clime. Very active, informative and rewarding. But they forget that someone made it it what it is. I put my hard earned money and time and making sure it is what is. It is a very strict group, and with stricter rules against insults. So why would I allow Radio Biafrans to run over Igboist with their style of agitation? A style which the 1st requirements is; HOW GOOD ARE YOU AT VERBALLY DEBASING OTHERS?
My aim in bringing Igbos under one roof can be described in one word, LOVE. I want us to love each other, speak well of each other, help each other, mula each other, gift each other, uplift each other, bring smiles to wounded souls. I want us to see ourselves as one, to be kind to each other. And to promote Igboism at all levels. Even when we disagree with each other's view, it should be done with civility.
This is an example of what the manner they abuse people: And this is nothing, this is tame to compare with the others...
[Dennis Ade Nwokeoma Ugwuzor ... (Name removed) people like you will face death sentence when Biafra comes ewu Hausa].
[Donsmart Unah Strive: We Need Sanity In Biafra-land! We Will Soon Pull Afikpo Chic Down!]
[Peter Amadi: Chimalu, You are a wasted sperm, a he goat, if only your parents used condom, you would not be here, but when we get Biafra all you Igbo bastard sons of Fulanis men will be killed off]
Unfortunately the verbal terror these deviants are unleashing on fellow Igbos, and other ethnic groups anywhere you you them has engendered many Igbo lives across the country. Many Igbos has paid dearly for their loose unholy mouths, across the nation.
When the insults radio biafrans are heaping on people were getting much on Igboist, I made a post telling them to please stop the insults, they now had something to hang on to, to unleash terror on my person. That was when their first smear on me started. They have done a major smear job on me twice but this 3rd one, was the deepest. As they made up so many lies against me, against their own. These are despicable anti-Igbo elements, people full of hate, hiding under radio biafra. Yes, any Igbo that will wake up and decide to pull another Igbo down by any means necessary; including bearing false witness, is a DEVIANT, AN ABOMINABLE CREATURE, AN ARU OF THE LAND. IGBOLAND will fight for their target and will turn their hate into love for their target.
Can you imagine that a bunch of these pigs sat around to do a documentary on my person? A documentary filled with made up stories in order to tarnish me, a fellow Igbo. In order to pull me down, in order to turn me a walking dead, a living shame. None of them could even say to the other, please, my brothers, let us leave this our sister alone, or let us bring up her past as is, but leave the lies, but rather each and everyone of these IDIOTS, contributed various lies. And packaged it as a documentary to spread far and wide, so she will be finished in life, if I, your own sister, is finished in life, my brothers, what is your gain? Will you now get that hellish brand of Biafra you're espousing? Your brand of BIAFRA WILL BE HELL ON EARTH for any peace loving Igbo. It will be worse than hell. I have never ever seen any ethnic group attempt to pull their own down in this despicable fashion, never. I have never been humiliated in anyway by other ethnic group, but you, my own, come down to visit terror on me, and you tell me you are trying to save me from Nigeria, I will take what Nigeria has to offer me, and persevere, than be in your BIAFRA where you show no compassion for your own blood, for humanity. THE UGLIEST MAN ON EARTH IS THE MAN WITHOUT COMPASSION, you are too ugly. Your hearts made of stone, your meanness you wear like a badge of honour. YOU ARE AS COLD AS ICE. You are very stupid. Stupidity is very painful. You are extremely stupid for attempting to pull down a high quality material, of your own, down. Oh stupidity is truly painful.
Yes ooo. I am a very high quality material. How many politicians in this country came into politics on their own through the votes of the masses? I had no godfather, no structure, no nothing. I won under an unknown party that did not exist in my state, PPA. NAME ONE! For now I know of one, Afikpo Chic. Mind you, I have never attended a political gathering in this nation in my life before being elected. That is historic. In a nation we know the usual. And today, I am practicing pure SELFLESS politics, where I serve myself last and put others before myself, my comfort and my personal gain. It is not easy. And I am living what I preach daily. Yes, I am a very high quality material, if I may say so myself. LOL
NOTE: It is not every member of Radio Biafra/IPOB that is in support of what the hate deviants are doing. It is not all of them that throw insults about. There are exceptiions to the rule. And btw, the Nnamdi that I know who never be a part of the PROJECT LIE, SMEAR & TARNISH MARIA. If I am wrong, so be it. But I truly believe he would not support such.
A group, Igboville, the claimed I defrauded put up this rebuttal. The annoying part is that I contributed 100k towards the retreat. And all was given to me and the rest of us was 5k each. So basically I am out 95k but these deviants who bear false witness towards their own claimed I defrauded them 5 million. When I am out 95k lol. Thanks Igboville for the clarification, below.
REBUTTAL: Afikpo Chic Never Defrauded Igboville
It has come to the attention of Igboville Group that one Emeka John Onyema, purportedly alleged that Afikpo Chic, a one-time admin member of this group, defrauded Igboville during 2013 Enyimba retreat.his information is not only false, but pure mischief and can only be a figment of the poster's imagination. There was no time N5 million Naira was given to Igboville by former Governor of Abia State Sen T.A. Orji, which Afikpo Chic embezzled. Afikpo Chic was not a member of Enyimba retreat organizing committee and as such cannot be in custody of the paltry sum the former governor donated to the group, which was used to offset outstanding expenses incurred during the retreat. Kindly disregard such information. - Igboville Admin
A client of mine these anti Igbo deviants claimed I defrauded called me and simply told me to ignore the "TOUTS". And not to lose focus or allow their blackmail and lies to derail me.
You see why I call these people ANTI IGBO deviants? These are cowards, EFULEFUS who want nothing good for Igbo, the land, and Igbo the people. Why would any one who truly loves Igbo make up lies against another Igbo, just to see that person pulled down. This is the height of anti Igbo activity. Then tomorrow you want me to believe in your brand of Biafra which is hate-filled. They have gone beyond releasing my past which I am proud of because it got me where I am today, it made me who I am now; to now bearing false witness against my person. Everything they claim I am doing in Nigeria is FALSE. My happiness is that whatever one does is not with spirits. If there is anything I am doing illegally or wrong in this country, I am doing them with someone, some people, and it's those persons that would even expose me, not my enemies, those I am doing it with.
There are those Igbos on Facebook who are very much aware of the damage these lie and hate merchants calling themselves Radio Biafrans IPOB are doing to the entire Igbo but they are too carried away by the hailing they get when they support their every rubbish to care. They are double dealing agents who are more interested in cheap popularity than standing up for what is right and telling the deviants they are wrong when they are wrong. I see men and women who sound judgement putting blind eyes to the hate bazaar of radio biafran because they don't wanna be attacked, they wanna be praised by them. They want to be called princes and princesses, and worshipped. HELL THE FREAK NO, I do not want such cheap disgusting popularity. Why would I wanna be loved by deviants with devilish tongues that can lead to serious disaster for not just individuals but for a whole ethnic groups. It is a very sad & shameful situation.
Imagine some of these Radio Biafra deviants warning other Igbos to stay away from any thing Biafra, my friend shut the heck up, is Biafra your father's property? Do you love Biafra more than who? Those who would want to see Biafra no longer even want anything to do with Biafra lest they be tagged with the hateful style of Radio Biafran. Imagine the arrogance of these smear merchants hiding behind Radio Biafra agitation and talking pure rubbish. You are not the first to agitate for Biafra but you want to tell everyone else no in support of your hate display to stay out of Biafra, because na you invented Igboland. Empty pompous hate vessels.
Imagine a person like me, who built a multi million dollar structure in my town of Afikpo, at a time when any Igbo that made money went to Lagos, Abuja, Kano etc to build, this was 20 years ago. Guys, listen I am 47 years old now, a bona-fide middle aged woman, before you start thinking 20 years, that's a long time ago so how old is she haha. I do not have a goat house outside Igboland. I love Igboland with every fiber of my being. The open eye I get, na for Igboland I go display am for. I must use anya m wara watara Igboland something huge, something unforgettable, something that will move earth. I must bring goodies and goodness to my sweetland. You want to preach to me about Biafra using hate, NO, YOU SIT DOWN LET ME TEACH YOU ABOUT BIAFRA, with action. These hate merchants and deviants never talk truth, with the amount of hate they are selling with gusto, they never talk truth what their devilish intention truly is.
Okwuru akaghi onye kura ya. I am the one that started what you re all doing now on Facebook Nigeria. My own outfits were here before the many outfits we have now here in FB Nigeria. The prayers you see today on FB Nigeria started via Ndi Page, news dissemination on FB started on that page too. When it comes to groups, I created a pioneer one which is still leading gallantly. And today, you wanna run me out, you wanna disgrace me, make me wear a shame coat, you wanna humiliate me out of existence. Baby, that's not possible nah. You are dealing with a LION.
Do you know that I am an Orphan, my dad, Egwu Ejali, died when I was 2 years old, I don't remember anything about him. And my strength, my petter, oh she used to pet me silly, the woman I took after in all ramifications, Ugo Okpani, known as my mom, died when I was 13 years old. I have basically been on my own since then, navigating the rough waters of life, some times failing, most times succeeding, but all the same I have no done badly for myself. Being an orphan is an ALL-COMPASSING advise. Are you an orphan? Life has advised you. If you like listen, if you like, don't. Life advised me to have a lion's heart, life advised me to stand on my truth and never cower or relent or give in to threats and terror. Life advised me to always stand on the side of truth, life advised me to admit whenever I fuck up and make amends, life advised me never ever to seek cheap popularity by agreeing with things that go against my own spirit; just so I can be loved or hailed. Life advised me never to give into haters, never to allow them take the upper hand in my life. To always truck on, no matter what. Life also whispered to me that I will be okay as long as my intentions are pure. Life told me, I'm gonna make you a leader, be ready to step on toes, but you must always be on the right. The wise will admire you. The wishful will envy you. The weak will hate you. This is the reality for those who dare to be epic. Life advised me to banish fears, for; fear is the greatest enemy of creativity, achievement, progress and success. It whispered to me: confront and conquer your ears. At all times. Life then gave me the gengen whopper; no one can bring you down, only yourself can bring you down. Any one or group that attempts to bring you down will only be taking you to greater height. I listened attentively and nodded.
Then life held me gently and said: Don't carry around your mistakes with you. Instead, place them under your feet and use them as stepping stones. Never regret. If it's good it's wonderful, if it's bad it's experience.
During the height of Radio Biafra smear, blackmail, false witness, stupidity & idiocy, on my person, life beckoned again: For a star to be born, there is one thing that must happen: a gaseous nebula must collapse. So collapse. Crumble. This is not your destruction. THIS IS YOUR REBIRTH.
Then life bellowed: There will be haters, there will be doubters, there will be non-believers, and then there will be you, proving them wrong.
We are here talking about all these because their target is MARIA UDE NWACHI. Not many will survive what this hateful deviants do or did to me. I will not only survive it but will come out of it better than ever. If this was done to person with a fragile mental state, you will have a walking copse zombying around. Is this the devilish Biafra these idiots are espousing? A Biafra without compassion, A Biafra that takes no for an answer when you suggest love, A Biafra that will do anything, I am talking anything, to paint their own dark to the world, so the target can wither and die of heartbreak and shame. Is this the people that will lead in that their Biafra when they get that their brand of Biafra filled with hate, which will be hellish on earth for most Igbos; going by their repugnant displays.
Life advised me, as long as you're on the right part, I will turn any attempt to shame you into your gain. My people, the dance of shame these habitual deviants displayed by making a hate documentary on my person has brought me goodwill from this nation and beyond. Many never heard of me until the saw their hate which was well promoted by them.
A man from Kogi state got my contact and call me from UK after seeing the hate video and said to me, I cried when I saw what what your own brothers was doing to some young lady, I had to go to your Facebook wall, got there and saw a resilient young woman who is an inspiration, a hard working woman, doing her best, to bring her people together and showing love to all, not minding where they come from. He said, you have more than a fan here, you have a brother in me, I will come to to Nigeria next year and contribute in any fashion, which ever position you are going for. Ignore your brothers, stay focused, don't ever relent.
He is not the only one, so many people looked beyond the hate and fell in love with their hate target because God works in mysterious ways. His way is never the way of humans.
Here is a conversation that took place in one of my MUSING posts yesterday:
Ike Chidiebere: · Friends with Dozie Okodo and 3 others
What brought me to your page was a negative documentary I read about you, but when I started following you the reverse was the case. I see positive impacts,developmental strides as a state assembly , cheerful and happy person, very humane in writing, media promoter above all your quest for service and love for God and mankind. A times some negatives brings about some people's good image.
Maria Ude Nwachi: Bad market for cowards hiding under radio biafra and bearing false witness on their own. Height of anti igbo activity. Real bad market. Lies has no future. Thanks my brother
Ogonna Akuchinyereonyeka @Ike Chidiebere, He is just an enemy of a united igbos. i also blamed the admin of radio biafra for approving such post. i told him if his claims happened to be truth, he should encourage his sister to go to America and do the same then come back home and use the money she made to bring the igbos together through whatever means, we shall give her our support.
Ikenna C. Udogu: · 4 mutual friends
Ogonna Akuchinyereonyeka,
As simple as that! Tears dropped from my eyes when I learnt this woman is an orphan, yet she was kind enough to bring her personal earnings back home to better the lives of her people. I tell you, many men in her predicament would prefer to remain abroad and lavish their money since their parents are dead.
It's stupidity in the highest order to castigate her when there are many people who have been swimming in public money since 1999, but there's no tangible impacts on the lives of commoners around. She has proved to be our finest female Politician within a short time of being in the political arena. All we need do, is to support her. Who knows, she might become our own Margaret Thatcher. Dear Hon BCEL, keep doing your great deeds, God Almighty and humanity will never forget you.
Accept my best wishes on your epoch event coming up this Saturday. Udo diri gi!
Joy Mgbo Ajuka: Chigozie has been the devil with igbo name, I have always told them that anybody that try to bring this woman down will go down the lowest pit of hell for her. She remains my choice till the end of politics.
Ugochinyere Blessing Nnamani · 3 mutual friends
Till the world end your my mother and will always be..If we have three of your type in Nigeria as a whole then by now Nigerian could have been world best..
Ogonna Akuchinyereonyeka Ikenna: my brother. For years, igbo's has been divided Socially, Economically, Maritally and politically. Hon. Maria Ude Nwachi from the best of my knowledge happen to be the first human in igboland, infact on earth whom has risen even with her hard earned money, to bring the divided igbo people together through the social media. Now a coward or some set of enemies of a united igbos want us to turn agaist her. it is not gonna be possible. make dem write another one, this one no enter.
I can't thank those who sprinkle me with love daily. Who gave me encouragements when the hate deviants were on rampage. If the words don't add up, it's usually because the truth wasn't included in the equation, and many saw through their hate and reacted. These are comments by many on the hateventure of some Radio Biafrans on my person:
Chinwe Oranefo: I never heard about you Maria but after reading a post and watching a YouTube video meant to use to blackmail you, I fell in love. Wow!!!?????? if he only knows that the post would make some strangers love you??????
Nwakpu Obiageri Ruth: I have never seen anybody that I so much desire like you.... NNEOMA everything about you are so encouraging and are so natural and transparent.... Just wish to meet with you some day... Just keep up the good work... Whom ever God has blessed no man can curse.... Carry go Nwanyi oma.
Nwakpu Obiageri Ruth: BCEL And if am to die today... My last wish will be just to meet you... Because I have never seen anybody like you.
Amb Emi Erigi: I like you because your real down to earth ??
Forget haters dem no get talk
Hillary Okeafor: Mummy please don't allow what the radio bifra haters say about you to distract you from doing good, just leave it to God okay.
Roy OU Nwaeze: The things I hear from Nnamdi Kanu's hate promoters on Radio Biafra, their indisposition to contrary intellectual discourse and views, and the latest attack on the person of their promoter, Maria Ude Nwachi, have turned out to be the fire that is consuming them. The fish likes water but not when it's hot. In much the same way, the majority of Ndi-Igbo like Biafra but not one where people could be easily picked up and slaughtered in broad daylight (considering the things the advocates say ceaselessly). The struggle for Biafra must be one that encompasses all strata of the Igbo nation and people. Above all, the Biafran struggle can only materialise through intellectualism and international outreaches, not hate speeches and murder threats.
Jeff Unaegbu I see you come out of the billowing smoke of smears, squeaky clean and unperturbed. I see you stand like a true Amazon, holding the sword of innocent victory. Behind you is the wailing and gnashing of the teeth of the evil ones. They are entwined with the rope of rumour, haplessly lashing their hands and feet, pleading to be delivered from the fires of ignorance.
But you, Maria, as fresh as ever can be, walks away to greater heights where gold dazzles merrily. You shall sit in council with men and women of high understanding. They shall give you a diadem made of sapphire, emerald and Versace, and shall say unto thee, "Be thou our queen". And after then, you shall rule justly upon the earth wherewith thou art called. I foresee all these because only certain eyes can see it. You are of the future stock, but you came earlier to perfect a destined plan. This is why you delight yourself like a child and love life and freedom, while many around you continue to heave and chain themselves in terrible epistemes. We are all actors playing our parts in the great tapestry of history. Code this and keep it. Soon, soon now, you shall be in the hallowed chambers of the senators, your glory ensured and well-deserved. Move on to the fore, Your Excellency.
Innocent Ogbonnia Mbey Kindly note that no man talks loud of any inactive human, that you are the saliva in every mouth today is because of your activeness in the society. Going through the history of all the great men from the scripture we use as a lesson today, none of them were qualify for the task they were called for but God qualifies any man He chooses, the worst thing ma you can do to this generation and beyond is to be afraid of pursuing any dream God gave you maybe for fear of not being fit for it or men. Without your past experience in life you can't advice anyone today of the different between right and wrong. Remember how expensive God's gift upon your life is and don't allow people that don't know where they are going to distract you because time is short. In all you do ma God first and as you aim to go higher trade with caution. I and my family would have loved to be one of the strong financial pillars in sponsoring igboist but we will soon get there. I Love you for where you are coming from, I love you for whom you are and where you are at the moment and I love you for where you are going to.
Kelechi Elom Radio Biafra people can fabricate any lie they want against you, their aim to pull their fellow igbo down will never come to pass. The can never succeed in this sinister evil aim. We know you and we love you. Radio biafra pigs are a disgrace to Igbo. Rather than face what is facing them, they are looking for who to pull down with lies..
Miriam Nkechi Austin Ma, I suggest you remove those people and their bad comments on igboist since the group was created by you. Its better to have few friends that knows your worth than many that talks trash.
Nwaka Nnamdi I hope you are not losing one bit of sleep over the attempt to smear your image? Pls know that we all have our past, stories that we would prefer left untold, injuries that cause pain when exploited but we can recover from anything in am environment that is non judgmental and pure and that is what we have to continue to preach. You a strong woman who has lived her life and has been through things, if you want to go to the senate , know that you have my support. You are loved by the majority.
Can you imagine that these deviants will also bring their hate and verbal terrorist attacks on my person to my own domain; Igboist group. If you are gonna hate on me, go elsewhere, what on earth are you doing on Igboist? Thank goodness for ban/block buttons, it is permanently reserved for their stupidity. Here is a very succinct response an Igboist gave to one of them ranting on the group..
Osita Nicholas Tiko: My brother, Nwobodo Joseph Joey, wake up. She created the first Igboist group. She built it. If you don't like her ways, leave the group. Create yours. This is simple. You guys will never control that woman. That's what you should understand. That woman loves Igbos more than some of you. Use your brain my brother.
Dear smear merchants, do not bring your hate to Igboist or on my wall. You try it, and you will be scraped off in seconds. Go where hate thrives and post whatever you like, do not bring it to my home. Igboist is not a dumping ground for your brand. Your brand is anti-gbo and we don't do anti-Igbo in Igboist. We love and promote Igbo.
If you wanna have a good laugh, as any of the radio biafra deviants what my offence to them is, you will hear silence, they will shout, she is anti biafra agitation, then you ask them, what did she say or do? SILENCE. Most of them can't bring themselves to tell you that she is against our using insults to agitate. Hahaha. So they will ignore your question and keep doing whhat they went to university for, insult and debase others.
I cannot spend even a second worrying about something I know I did right, and for the right reasons. And If I am ever legitimately found wanting, I will apologize without a single excuse and retrace my steps instantly. Serving humanity, in any capacity possible is my major aim in life, more so now than ever. And I will always serve myself last. Nothing can distract me from it. Nothing. Up up I go. To those I was elected to serve, your burden is my burden. My actions, your confirmation. There is nothing the people that gave birth to me, Ali Ehugbo (Afikpo), does not know about me, nothing! Nothing is hidden under the sun. My life is an open book. I hide nothing. And nothing warrants being hidden.
What smear merchants have never understood is that when they bring up a person's past, they are letting the world know one thing; that the person HAS COME A LONG WAY. E no easy. It is a promotion. Never a downgrade. I am proud of my past. I own it; for without my past; good or bad, my present, Wwhich I'm super proud of, will not be this sterling! My consciousness will not be this super-expanded. The going can only get better. For Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. I regret nothing in my life; even if my past has some hurt, pain and error, I still look back & smile, because it made me who I am today.My vast experiences (good and bad) in life created the person I am today; a person with an unshakable personal integrity; that money cannot in a million years buy or tamper with. Money knows how I deal with it, I rubbish it; by using it for what it is mean't to be used for; mostly to make life easier for others, to carry others along, to rubbish those things held so high and mighty by the upper-class by making it reachable & accessible to others, including the have-nots, less privileged & downtrodden; to the best of my ability.
TO THE HATE DEVIANTS: You have done your worst. Yes, because one of the seven deadly sins is bearing false witness. You have reached the zenith of your hate and folly, but you must know this: 1. Justice will overtake fabricators of lies and false witnesses. 2. If you tell the truth, it becomes part of your past. If you lie, it becomes part of your future. 3. No matter how fast lies may fly, truth always overtake it. Bury the truth and watch it resurrect. 4. A lie may take care of the present, but it has no future. 5. Your every ill-thought, secreted hate, cynical and vicious judgment you carry is meant only for you. 6. When you speak ill of others, you become the illness. Begin to nurture yourself back to health today by making a conscious decision to stay aware that you have choice in what you create with your words. 7. Hating is an emotional disease, very dihilibating. So, for you who hate. Get well soon. Ndo oooo.
MY HEART IS NOT A HOME FOR COWARDS. Sorry, but you can't penetrate. You ca't wound my loving heart. You can't taint it. You can touch it. Oh no, you cannot. I don't even have to be strong, strength is in me, it's in my DNA, in my soul, in my essence.
Life just told me this now: It takes balance to be both soft and strong, to learn how to deal with situations that are unjust with intelligence rather than anger... But remember, two wrongs will never equal right. Remain soft in your heart and strong in yourself and you will always be a benefit to yourself and others. I am listening and soaking it all in, my darling LIFE.
It was always love that carried me back to my center. Love encouraged me to show up for my life authentically. Love challenged me to move forward, despite my fears. Every single time, love walked me home.
In conclusion:
A CREED: I will continue to serve myself last. My comfort will always take a backseat for the comfort of the whole. I will prove to the world that a Nigerian politician can put the interest of others above her own. So help me, God!
Thank you all for reading.
Yours truly, AFIKPO CHIC. Ude Ehugbo.

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