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RECIPE: Apples, sugar, filtered water, a jar bottle, cheese cloth, rubber band. Procedure--- Wash and cut ur apples into cubes, put them into the sterile bottle, mix sugar with water and pour into the apples, leaving a little space not be too full, stir it a little then use ur cheese cloth to cover the bottle, and hold it with rubber band, this is to not allow the bottle to boast during fermentation period. Leave to ferment for Two weeks or 1 month or more depends on how acidic u want it to be, but u can shake the bottle every 3 days or one week, then filter the vinegar out, discard the apples, wash the jar and pour back the liquid and live it for another weeks, that when u get the mother vinegar, u can also taste it to see if it has gotten the vinegary taste that u desire. BENEFITS OF APPLE CIDER VINEGAR To be used as preservatives. For detoxification For weight loss For treatment of pile Help in the treatment of staphylococcus etc, NOTE: Remember not to brew/store in pet (plastic) bottles. Just thought the video below can make it more easier for you...

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