The Naked tribes on earth. Detail and Video

 (Image credit: BBC)

It's unimaginable that even as you are here, some tribes on earth are yet to get in contact with the rest of the world. This situation is critical to the extent that we still finds some group of people living in an isolated location and sharing the same primitive culture. Some conditions common with over 50 naked tribes in the world which are found in Australia, Africa, Asia and mostly America are; walking almost naked or stark naked, living in the most devastating shelters and avoidance of any form of contact with the rest of the world.
Report has it that there are over 50 naked tribes in the world but I will talk about one from each of the four continents where you can find naked people.

(1) The Pintupi Nine;

An unknown group of Aborigines in 1984 were encountered near a settlement in Western Australia. After fleeing, the Pintupi Nine, as they were later called, were tracked down by speakers of their own language and told that there existed a place where water flowed from pipes, and where there was a general surplus of food. While most of the group decided to stay in the modern town—a few of them becoming traditional artists—one member, Yari Yari, returned to the Gibson Desert, where he remains till date.

(2) The Jackson Whites;
During the period (1700s) when European settlers wrapped up their colonization of North America’s East Coast. By this point, every tribe between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mississippi River had been added to the catalogue of known peoples. Every tribe except for one, that is.
In the 1790s, a previously unheard-of tribe of Native Americans walked out of the woods just thirty-five miles (56 km) from New York City. Somehow they had managed to avoid all contact with the settlers, despite some of the largest battles of both the Seven Years’ War and the Revolutionary War being waged in their backyard. They became known as the Jackson Whites, as they had a light skin color and were thought to have been descended from “Jacks” (slang for the British).

(3) The Jibu Tribe;
The Jibu people are descendants of the Kwarafa Kingdom who lived for centuries in nine communities scattered around on the mountains in Gashaka in present Taraba state, Nigeria.
Stepen Osu, a journalist as he went on a discovery mission into the Koma hills in Jada Local Government area of Adamawa State. This is simply amazing if you ask me, and not in a good way. It’s one more reason to look at Africa in a backward negative light.
Historical accounts have it that the people lived together with their fellow brothers in the kingdom until about 1807 when Fulani Jihadists invaded the kingdom. They were said to have run to the mountain top where they now live and are completely cut off from other tribes, and consequently the whole world. Not even the activities of the colonial masters reached them, largely because of the difficult terrain of their new abode. The mountain top is characterised by rivers, deep gullies and huge rocks.

(4) The Vietnamese Ruc

Vietnam War brought unprecedented bombing to previously isolated regions. After one particularly enormous American bombing raid, the North Vietnamese soldiers were shocked to see a group of tribesmen emerge from the jungle.
This was the Ruc tribe’s first contact with technologically advanced people. Due to the jungle damage, the Ruc decided to stay on in modern Vietnam rather than return to their traditional homes, But the tribal values picked up over hundreds of years soon clashed with the communist Vietnamese government, leading to mutual animosity.

(5) The Peruvian Tribe;
Scientists had known about their existence and had been searching for them for years without success; the tourists found them without even trying.
Yes, The Peruvian Tribe were discovered by tourist While marching through the jungles of Peru, a tour group suddenly found itself face to face with the members of an unknown tribe. Everything was captured on film: the tribe tried to communicate with the tourists—but since the tribesmen didn’t know either Spanish or English, they soon gave up and left the bewildered moderns where they’d found them.
Peruvian authorities, when they inspected the footage, soon realized that the tour group had stumbled upon one of the few remaining tribes unknown to anthropologists. Scientists had known about their existence and had been searching for them for years without success; the tourists found them without even trying.
Some other tribes which are known for abandoning modern civilization are; The Surma people, The Lone Brazilian, The Last of the Native America, The Brazilian tribes, The New Guinea Tribes.