(Graphic photos) Corpses liters street of Ile-Ife. Death toll rises

Chief Adewale Adejoba, a community leader in the ancient city of ile -Ife Osun state has confirmed the number of death and the terrible length of damages that accrued from the fight between the Hausas and their host community in Ile-Ife, Osun state. According to the chief, fifty people perished and properties worth multiple millions were said to be damaged. To confirm this, the Magaji of Hausa community in Ile- Ife and secretary to the central mosque in the town, Alhaji Nasir Magaji, said that over 50 people died in the fight. In this exact word the Magaji said, "Those killed among us are more than 50 and the corpses of those killed were in front of Ife Central Mosque,” he said. The bodies of the dead had been deposited at the state hospital in Ile-Ife. Many Hausa men fled the town for secured places to avoid being killed. Report has it that trouble started when an Hausa man living at Sabo area of the town was accused of sleeping with the wife of an Ife man. The husband was reportedly angered when he discovered that the man had slept with his wife and hence the immediate cause of the fight. I must warn you that photos of the fracas below are graphic

Images: nigerianbulletin

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