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It appears that the African queen singer had changed his mind on his planned protest scheduled to hold March in four major cities of the country (Nigeria). On his social media accounts, Instagram precisely, Tuface who is expected to lead the protest in March shared a video where he appeared speaking of his change of decision. These were some of the exact words used by him in the video,
"Nigerians!!! Due to security concerns and public safety consideration. I hereby announce the cancellation of the planned March"
It is true that some entities like the presidency disapproved of the then latest development since the first day when Tubaba announced that he planned to protest against the government on the suffering of Nigerians.
The musician had already created great awareness to his fans and  Nigerians at large with his former intention to lead a mass protest against the APC government no doubt, but authority has kicked against it from the first day and security operatives even went as far as to threaten the safety of protesters if the action should be carried out. In the video, security challenges was the reason TUBABA gave that led to his change of mind. Like the former president Goodluck Jonathan said during 2015 presidential campaign, The protest is not worth the life of any Nigerian and I assume that the voice of the masses had been heard even as the protest is being cancelled, TUBABA said.

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