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How to use your car as collateral for a fast and short/long term loan in Abuja Nigeria

 Got a car? Need a fast loan? Lives in Abuja? Then you in right place. The requirements are very simple i assure you and you get the money you needed immediately you meet up to it. You have to note that your car will be valued if its worth the amount you intend to borrow. For instance, if you have a Toyota car which is worth 1 million naira and you need a fast and long/short loan for 1 million naira, you will have to forfeit the car at the time to get the loan and get your car back as soon as you pay back the money you borrowed, including, of course the interest. The interest rate is 20% and if you are unable to pay at the agreed time then you will have to service your loan at rate of 10% Your car can never be disposed even if you fail to pay back, not without your consent. The loan office is located in Kugbo area of Abuja. You can call Mr Stanley for more detail: 08142479205 Image credit: car auto loan

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