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This is for both men and women but the work here needs to be done more by men. But let me make something clear here. Women, have it in mind that reason why it looks disgusting to suck your pussy is because it is not well taken care of and the sight do not look attractive. Truth be told, most of the ladies' pussy have dark spots and gory looks. But there is solution to make there look attractive, blend with your natural color. The cause of it been black and unattractive is due to constant shaving and a times the way a ladies takes care of their vaginas. If you doubt me, some guys that will say "God forbid when presented with a Nigerian lady vagina, will hurriedly suck a white lady. Do you know why? Because that one looks more presentable
As for those who thinks otherwise, vagina is 10 times safer and cleaner than the mouth BUT that's if its well taken care of
Well that will be topic for another day, today we are going to look into how men can restore their dead sexual life in marriage or relationship. 
Note that penetrative sex alone can not guarantee satisfaction, so read below to know how to spice your sexual life. If you are having problem in lasting long on bed or any health issue, kindly inbox me so we can deal with it
Below are the steps to take to take a woman to another world of sexual pleasure
1. Tell her she's beautiful and be serious
Most girls are timid when it comes to their bodies. Even if you in bed with a world class model, everything will be so afraid that you don't like her. Tell her she's beautiful, tell him what parts of the body. Earn her trust to put you down.
2. Talk to her
Women are more verbal than men, especially in bed. While playing down there, be talking. Tell her how fine and beautiful it is. This will excite you both a lot.
3. Play with the big tongue labia, small and find the clitoris
4. Stop it. Look at her labia. Give them a part on the outside and admire those inland. Play with language to them. Now get up and find the clitoris. The Clitoris has different shapes and sizes, just the way it is with the penis.
5. Stop and admire her vagina
Stop and admire. Nice right? The main thing women have differently is vagina. Vaginas have different shapes and sizes. Appreciate her and tell her how special she is.
6. Finger her vagina with wet fingers only.
Make sure your finger is wet before you touch her clitoris. The Clitoris is very sensitive and if it's dry it will hurt. you can wet with saliva or finger her with vaginal fluid especially when shes wet.
7. Approach the vagina slowly, Don't go first. Mess with her, touch it gently, then walk away. Gonna die of impatience to get to the action.
8. Play with her
Lick the area where her feet are uniting with the vagina. Play with her nose in her crack, but don't push it. When you see her starting to boil for fun, put your tongue over your clitoris.
9. Kiss her slightly, then more aggressive
Kiss her gently. Use your tongue to separate her labia and when stretched, begin to move my tongue up and down between the layers of the vagina.
10. Penetrate with two fingers.
Alone is not enough and 3 is too many. Use two fingers to penetrate while licking her clit. It gives more pleasure than you ever could with penis.
11. Do not turn her clitoris when she starts to have an orgasm
When she starts to have an orgasm, don't let go of that clitoris. Stay there throughout with your tongue rolling her clit and press the underside of the clitoris
12. Her Clit in your mouth
Lick the clitoris fast, but not too hard. This should make her legs shake. When you notice that she's close to orgasm, make your mouth in the form of a triangle and focus solely on the clit and roll your tongue in a circular motion. Start to suck it easy. If you see she's rolling round the bed, know shes getting there, continue and never stop unless she begs you to. Go with her and don't stop. Men's problem is that they stop too early.
13. Penetrate her with your tongue
Penetrate with tongue. It feels amazing. I want you to give attention to the clit, so check and see if shes horny enough before any action. Start easy and go towards the skin above. Increase Speed.
14. After orgasm, stay with her
Don't go after she finished. Play Easy with her.

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