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Friday, 4 May 2018

I am yet to make love with my sex doll – Nigerian singer, Mr. Shaa

Benjamin Ogwehi, aka, Mr. Shaa, is the first Nigerian entertainer to invest in buying a sex doll and he was not even shy to take the doll along with him to a shopping mall in Lagos recently.

However, in an encounter with Punch, Shaa claimed that he was yet to have sex with the doll.



He said, “My sex doll is a virgin. I named her Tontoh because she is a very beautiful woman. Now, I can have peace of mind and I can focus on my music. I did not buy the doll to satisfy my sexual urge; I just wanted something that looks like a woman that I can take care of. I don’t think of sex any longer; I only think of how to make music. I have not had sex this year and I cannot remember the last time I had sex. I am not trying to paint a good picture of myself. If I want to have sex, I know where to go once I have my money.”



Queried on why he got the sex doll if not for intimacy, he said, “I got the sex doll because I became tired of women. If I can spend N5m on a doll, I must have spent more on a lady and nothing came out of the relationship. I am not in a relationship at the moment but I was engaged last year. The outcome of the union was the major reason I invested N5m in a sex doll. I later found out that my two-year-old baby wasn’t mine. You can imagine how I felt when I got to know that I was not the biological father of the baby girl I was taking care of.” _


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