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Saturday, 9 September 2017

I Was Given 48hrs To Live - UNIPORT Student Shares His Survival Story

A UNIPORT student, Jerry Chikezie, has recounted how he survived a terrible accident that got doctors thinking he will die in a matter of hours.

According to Jerry, he suffered second degree burns from the accident but lived to tell teh story.

He wrote:
“Viewer’s discretion is adviced. I’m sorry for the gory pictures, I just can’t express my gratitude to this God; the unchanging changer, everlasting redeemer, beginning n the end, the One whose word remains forever. I am a product of grace, a walking miracle, a highly favoured son.
Do u want to know if God exists? Then take a look at me. Some doctors gave me 48hrs; some 3 weeks but what do they know? I survived a ghastly motor accident with 2nd degree burns; severe head injury; carbon inhalation; multiple fractures, i was bedridden for over 4 months, underwent 3 major surgeries within 8 months, was on crutches for over a year.
Let’s not even talk about the humongous hospital bill and how it was paid. The devil brought out his full arsenal but here i am today telling my story myself. Sorry for the long epistle but i just couldn’t help it. Look at all he has done in my life, now telling me what you’re going through that you think is too big for my Jehova. I know the pictures are messy but if u feel the need to share this post please do. You dunno whose faith u might be strengthening. Never give up the fight (don’t give the devil the joy of conquest), keep on keeping on, God is still God, He never changes”


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