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Sunday, 27 August 2017

Man Laments As His Father Is Gruesomely Murdered In Ogun State

A certain Hodewu Sunday Johnson has recounted how his father was gruesomely murdered in Ogun state.
According to him his father was terminated by a man called Ope in connivance with a prominent ruler in their area.

He took to his Facebook account to rain curses on his father’s alleged killers writing:
Ope ilase came & picked up my father at home with hired assassin called SARS, they killed him at d palace of alase of ilase land, john adewale in d presence of kabiyesi, Ope ran away, he went to elewe eran on Wednesday & returned immediately, police is lying to us that Ope is in their custody. Ope was with kabiyesi alase yesterday along koko road, near his hotel at ilase, kabiyesi was in his venza discussing with Ope, both of u concluded that both d SARS in detention & Ope, “owo lo ma je”.
My father laid in d morgue, two of u are bragging that ‘owo lo ma je” u shed d blood of innocent man at ur palace, from today, sword shall never cease in ur family, untimely death shall not stop in ur family, no matter how powerful u are, evil shall not stop happening in family, as u think evil so shall it be for u, God shall not be appeased for ur sake.
Ope, as u terminated d life of my father, all of ur glory (children) shall not fulfill their destiny, ur life & ur generation will be terminated at d point of their breakthrough, u will not know peace & peace shall ceased in ur heart, in ur life, in ur family & ur generation from now on till eternity.


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