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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

See Why Bluetooth Was Named "Bluetooth"

If you've ever wondered how the name Bluetooth came about, I've got the answer.

See Why Bluetooth Was Named "Bluetooth"

Surprisingly it doesn't have anything to do with they color of the logo being blue or the symbol looking like a set of tooth. Bluetooth is named after the legendary Danish Viking King Harald Blåtand.
Blåtand was an expert at bringing people together for non-violent negotiations. The way he used words went so far as uniting Denmark and Norway as a single territory. The English translation of Blåtand is blue-tooth.

According to one of the developers Jim Kardach, "the legend suited the name for the program. Harald had united Denmark and turned the Danes to Christians". Kardach also created a PowerPoint foil with a version of the Runic stone where King Harald held a cellphone in one hand and a notebook in the other hand with the translation of the Runes:

"Harald united Denmark and Norway”
“Harald thinks that mobile PC’s and cellular phones should seamlessly communicate”

The name was perfect and the logo for Bluetooth depicts Blåtand’s initials inscribed in Runic symbols.


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